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NOTE: We accept niche content categories as well, including figurines, anime merchandise, cosplay, video games, fan art, illustration portfolios, internet browser games and more. For a complete list of allowed content, please visit our T.O.S. and image upload guidelines.

Mission Statement

Comicad Network's continuing mission is to provide advertising & ad publishing opportunities to content creators--

  • To help drive more visitors to their website(s), and to increase viewership & brand awareness.
  • To make it easier for content creators to generate income from ad spaces on their website(s).
  • And to boldly discover great new comics (and artwork), and meet & interact with talented, like minded people.

Our History

CAN was created to fill the void left by Project Wonderful, another well known comic ad provider which closed doors August 1st, 2018. Like PW, our bidding system is an infinite/real time auction but with numerous improvements like bid extensions and rebids, earning achievements, referral bonuses (coming soon), and allowing adult R18+ linked content (so long as it follows the T.O.S. and image guidelines). Comicad offers a generous range of ad formats, some brand new to the scene, like our responsive Billboard Ad and our Slim Leaderboard. To see a list of all ad types, please check out the create ad section.

Bidding & Exchange

We have two ad unit classes: "Highest Bids" and "Exchange" to help you reach your goal of earning money or traffic (or both ^^). *Please note, to place exchanges or earn money from ad spaces, publishers need access to a website (that they own or have permission to use). Speaking of earnings, the income generated from ad spaces on a registered website will add to the User's Account Balance-- where it can either be re-used here on comicad.net to buy advertising, or withdrawn to use outside of Comicad. Users need to be registered with Paypal to add/withdraw funds to/from Account Balance. Fees may apply.

We also provide tools and features to make bidding/exchanging easier and faster:

  • Quick Bid/Exchange Buttons (Make a bid or an exchange with just two clicks).
  • Random system ads (by creating an ad alone, your ad is already showing on partner websites with free slots).
  • A neat publisher interface (easy visualization and control of your website's advertising spaces).
  • User-friendly publisher search where you can quickly find publisher ad units/sites to bid on.
  • Premium Membership perks for even more customization and options for your user account.

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Rankless is an awesome comic about global school closures and the affect it has on an unlikely hero. Follow Josh as he and his friends combat the villainous ruling class and their nefarious plans to control the world. Will they be able to quash his love for education? Find out in Rankless! To enjoy the latest comic updates head on over to the Rankless official website!


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Magnifica is a medieval / supernatural one-shot comic made by the website's back-end developer. The story runs on a ruthless medieval world, ruled by merciless warlords. Synopsis: "In a world where spirits live inside the most powerful warriors, the line that separates life and death is thin. A rotten world ruled by the law of the strongest, filled with sorrow, despair and fear. But, the prophecy tells of a unborn child with a strong heart, the heart of the Magnifica." The one-shot is not complete yet and the artist's art is yet to mature. The ending will touch some hearts, fear others. The author promises to finish when he finally gets a break from programming. ;)


All of us at Comicad Network wish you a pleasant experience. For more information please see our T.O.S. and User Guide.