Sat, 20-Aug 02:44pm

Comicad Network Campaigns are here!

Introducing CAMPAIGNS! Campaigns are a great way to automatically place a wide range of bids on Comicad. In other words, Campaigns make bidding easier! Target specific genres & ratings, pick a budget (among other settings), and generate a list of ad spaces that suits your style. You can create a new campaign by visiting the "Campaigns" section found in your user account menu. To learn more about Campaigns, please read the FAQs.


Thu, 09-Dec-2021 04:16pm

Introducing Referral Points!

Points can now be earned by referring new visitors to Comicad via your user referral link! But that's not all-- You can trade in earned POINTS for a Premium Membership subscription! Set the subscription to automatically renew to keep trading in points. Below is a brief outline on how to earn points!

1 PT is awarded for each unique visitor sent to Comicad using your referral link.
2 PTS are awarded for each new signup that places at least one bid or exchange.
2 PTS are awarded for each new account that adds $5.00 in funds.


What happens to my old referrals (my referrals before this new update)?
Current referral values will be converted to POINTS! You can see your points balance near your avatar in your user profile, and in the subscription section where you can choose to trade in points for a Premium Membership!

How many points do I need to trade in for a Premium Membership?
120 POINTS can be traded in for a 1 Month Premium Membership.

Can points be used to trade in for other items / rewards?
At this time, points can only be traded in for Premium Membership subscriptions. More rewards may be added in he future.

Head on over to our FAQ section for more information on POINTS.

Thu, 01-Oct-2020 11:59am



A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP is a subscription plan that comes with a lot of great benefits to your user account. The benefits are listed as follows:

BONUS: Premium Members will get their comic featured on the Homepage and Search pages!

1. Increased Ad Units per site (up to 5)
2. Up to 5 Alternative URLs per site
3. Increased available slots per Ad Unit for some ad types
4. Increased registered websites (up to 5)
5. Control of published auto ads
6. Allow auto ads on paid units
7. Bid duration extended from 30 to 60 days.
8. Exchange duration increased to 60 days.
9. Increased add funds limits
10. Increased withdrawal limits

How much does a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP cost?

The cost of a Premium Membership depends on the duration (run time) of the plan users select. Here are the 4 subscription plans that users can choose from (and their cost in USD):

MONTHLY PLAN - $3.00 per month.
6 MONTHS PLAN - $16.50 per 6 months.
YEARLY PLAN - $25.00 annually.
LIFETIME PLAN - $115.00 one time payment.

Plans can be automatically renewed, or manually renewed, or be set to expire if one so wishes. When a Premium Member Subscription expires, the user's account will revert back to normal status and the extra Premium options will be disabled.

For more information about Premium Memberships, please check the FAQ section on subscriptions ( ).

Keep on comic making, Staff

Mon, 26-Sep 03:19pm

Achievements Update! Diamond Badges can now be earned on Comicad Network!

Badges have been distributed into 12 categories. Each category has 4 special badges for the highest achievements: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Diamond badges are an elite level achievement which are very difficult to earn. Can you get them all?

The special badge breakdown is displayed on the right corner of the badge list heading, on public user profiles and account landing page.

In order to occupy less space on the user profiles, the badge list have been compacted, the full information is available on hover or on click (mobile).

Thu, 15-Sep 08:41am

Balance/payload headers are now default on all pages

These headers contain information about your account balance and payloads, they are present on various pages and listings. Some of these pages displayed payloads related to standalone or campaign bidding.
To avoid confusion and keep the reference uniform, totals are now displayed by default on all pages.
The breakdown of each part is displayed in an alert box on hover.

Tue, 30-Aug 02:45pm

Feature an alternate url as your main url

Featured URLS swap roles with the site's main URL (the main is displayed as an alternate, and the alternate as main). Featuring allows URL swapping without actually changing the URL assignments.

You can set an Alt Url as your Main Url by using the "Feature as main URL" buttons present on the alternate URLs page of each site in your account site list. When enabled, you'll see the ALT URL as your MAIN URL across Comicad Network. Only 1 alt and main url can be swapped at a time per registered site.

Fri, 13-May 02:02pm

Scheduled Maintenance from May 14th - 17th.

We'll be updating our services from (May 14th - 17th). The website will be unavailable for 5 minutes (and possibly up to a few hours in some cases). We apologize for the inconvenience.

Mon, 04-Apr 01:53pm

Exchange Ad Previews and Two New Exchange ad Models

When creating an exchange unit, you can now see your available ad images when selecting your exchange ad type.
Also, two new formats are available for creating exchange units: Slim Leaderboard and Half Skyscraper.

Tue, 29-Mar 04:59pm

Campaigns Release - Short Delay

CAMPAIGNS UPDATE NOTICE:: Hey Comicadians! As you know, will be releasing "Campaigns" in the near future. It was scheduled to go live this April 2nd, however there will be a small delay, so we can smooth out the experience even more (ie, fix some bugs). A new release date will be issued soon. Thanks for your patience and we hope you are looking forward to the "Campaigns" release!

Sun, 13-Mar 02:56pm

Comicad Network's Official YOUTUBE CHANNEL :)

Comicad now has an Official Youtube Channel! Vibe to lofi beats and learn "How To Comicad" today!

Video content focuses on how to create an account on Comicad and bidding, to placing free exchanges with others. There's even a focus on some useful settings that some Comicadians may not be aware of. So smash that like button and subscribe for more Comicad video content!

Sat, 19-Feb 02:03pm

Campaigns - Incoming Update for April 2nd

Comicad will be introducing campaigns soon, scheduled to release on April 2nd, 2022 on Campaigns will offer a fast, automated way to place multiple bids across available ad spaces and will follow user set parameters like, genres, budget, bid amounts and more! There will be more information regarding campaigns as April approaches. Stay tuned.

Fri, 28-Jan 12:17am

Bid raise bug fixed

There was a bug that occurred when trying to perform a bid raise action while a low account balance.
Please report those bugs as soon as you find them using the contact page.

Fri, 17-Dec-2021 04:05pm

Staff Picks

New Comicad homepage addition on! Introducing 𝑺𝑻𝑨𝑭𝑭 𝑷𝑰𝑪𝑲𝑺! Staff picks function to highlight certain comics that we feel deserve a little attention. Be it great artwork, great stats, or cheap bidding opportunities. Staff picks are not permanent.

Sat, 20-Nov-2021 10:42am

Charts have been updated

Charts have been improved, oddities have been fixed, like the mouse-over on node-less lines.
The account site list chart has a new mode: "All Time", it shows all monthly publisher records of each site.
It loads on-demand, independent of the initial page loading.

Sat, 06-Nov-2021 11:52am

Previews for publisher banner uploads

It's now possible to preview the resampled banner when creating or editing a publisher site.
The preview appears when you click the submission button, it's possible to re-upload a new version without reloading the page.
The guide below illustrates what to avoid when submitting a publisher banner, provided with the previews: