Frequently Asked Questions
Account Basics
  • How do I create an ad?

    Navigate to the CREATE AN AD section on Comicad and choose your preferred ad type. Give your ad a title, fill in the target URL address (where the ad will go when clicked on) and upload the ad image itself. If your ad links to ADULT R18+ content you must check the appropriate checkbox (if not, leave it unchecked). Then hit the "Create Ad" button.

  • How do I add a site?

    Go to the SITES section in your user account and click the "Register new site" link. From there you can add your website title, URL, upload a banner (805x460 pixels) select your site's GENRE and SUBGENRE and rating. You can also allow ADULT R18+ to run on your website if you so choose. Then register your site by clicking the "Register Site" button. Sites must be approved before ads can run on them.

  • How do I add an ad unit to my site?

    Once your site is registered you can add an ad unit to it by clicking the Create Ad Unit Button button in SITES section. You can choose between "Highest Bid" or "Exchange" ad units. From here you can select the ad unit type (leaderboard, banner, button etc.) that you'd like to display on your website, set your minimum bid, number of available slots, and the ad orientation (vertical or horizontal). You can enable ad approvals if you so choose.

  • What are ALT URLs?

    Alternate urls allow this site's unit codes to run on other urls referent to the same comic/product/service. Please note that sites like Tapastic and WebToon do not allow users to host ads on their pages (yet).
    You may submit several urls at once for approval.

  • There are a lot of icons. What do they all mean?

    To learn of the various icons in the bids section, please go here. For everywhere else, look for the clickable , and icons. They will bring up a popup legend or hint text relevant to that page/section.

  • Do you have a user guide?

    Yes. The User Guide along with ad/image rules & restrictions can be found here.

  • If I request account de-activation, do I lose all my balance?

    No, the de-activation button includes a checkbox to request a balance flush.
    If checked, when the account is de-activated, a withdrawal order is generated.
    The balance flush is not available below $0.50.

  • I'm the owner of a top-level domain, but when i try to create a site with that url, it says it's already registered?

    By default, each top-level domain/sub-domain is only allowed 1 registration.
    If your website offers services/products available through relative paths, chances are someone else registered one of those already.
    Examples: |
    Simply contact an administrator and request the activation of "relative paths", then, it'll be possible to register multiple sites for the given domain.

  • What's the difference between the Account Balance and Earnings stat boxes?

    Account Balance shows your real time $ amount that is currently available to spend on advertising, or withdrawal to your paypal account (once a payment threshold is reached). Everything you earn on through publishing and what you add in funds via paypal, will be added to your Account Balance. Alternatively, anything that you withdrawal or spend on bidding will be subtracted from your Account Balance.

    Earnings shows the total amount ($) that you have earned to date on Keep in mind that it is not an amount that needs to be transferred to your Account Balance. That happens automatically. Earnings is just a helpful stat for informative purposes only.

Types of sites accepted
  • Do you accept websites other than comics?

    Yes. We accept all sites that fall under "Comics, Art & Games". More▾

    Recommended websites include comics & manga, comic blogs & reviews, animated TV & movie reviews, anime, figurines, video games, games, tabletop games, comic merchandise, comic shops, trading cards (pokemon, magic etc.), costumes, writing, fan-fiction, artwork & illustration. Please note that sites like Tapastic and WebToon do not allow users to host ads on their pages.

  • Do you accept non "Comics, Art & Games" publishers?

    Yes. As long you're willing to display "Comics, Art & Games" ads on your website, and you have a decent amount of daily traffic suitable for publishing.

  • Do you accept non "Comics, Art & Games" ads?

    No. Currently, those ads are not accepted, but it might be a possibility in the future (if the 3rd-party niche grows).

  • What could be considered a decent amount of daily traffic for a publisher?

    Not an easy question since all sites are different, but some 100..150 daily views (around 3k..5k monthly) could be the minimum reference. You can also try advertising on to drive up daily views.

  • What does each rating mean?

    ALL AGES --> Appropriate for all age groups.
    MATURE --> Mild swearing, suggestive themes, mature themes, violence, etc.
    ADULT R18+ --> Rated for adults only. Contains sexual/explicit artwork and themes, nudity, and excessive violence/gore.

  • Why was my website rejected?

    There are a few reasons why a website could be rejected.

    1. Banner image was pixelated, low resolution or was unreadable.
    2. No identifying text or imagery relating to a creative work.
    3. The website or banner image was in violation of our Image Guidelines or TOS.

  • My ads don't fit well on mobile, what to do?

    Simply edit the ad unit and check the option "Responsive on mobile". The ads will adjust naturally on small screens, up to the image's real size.

  • What's the difference between a normal unit with "Responsive on mobile" enabled, and "Billboard" ad units?

    The only differences are the larger image size and the fact Billboard is responsive by default.

Login & Recovery
  • I can't login, and recovery does not send me an email, what to do?

    Use the Contact page form to request assistance.

  • Why the recovery page doesn't give me a hint if the email exists or not?

    For security reasons, such hints are not provided.

  • Do you offer services or advice on how to develop and maintain ad networks?

    No. It's beyond the scope of this website to offer such services.

  • Why was my site banned?

    A user's website can be automatically banned/soft banned for violation of our traffic/content rules such as:

    1. An abundance of fake traffic/clicks.

    2. Zero traffic/clicks without any indication of improvement (Dead website).

    3. Content violations - Spam, hate speech, propaganda, underage sexually explicit content on website, etc. For all content rules and guidelines see our T.O.S.

    4. Was reported - A website can be soft banned/banned if other users report violations of our T.O.S. on a particular website.

    5. Was changed or deleted - A website can be soft banned when it's contents change completely, or have been deleted. Since the contents have changed drastically from what it was before, those sites would need to be removed, and would not be allowed to accept new bids.

  • Can a user be banned?

    Yes. Users can be banned if we detect spamming of mass messaging on our network with links to pornography, affiliate links etc. Also bullying, and hate speech will not be tolerated.

  • Can a user and/or website be un-banned?

    In certain circumstances, yes. If a user/website was automatically banned in error, a user can appeal via the contact section to let the staff know of the situation. A staff member will check to confirm the error and reverse the ban if it is "proven" to be a mistake. However, just because an appeal has been made doesn't guarantee that a user or website will be un-banned.

Advertising & Publishing
  • Why are my site views lower at Comicad?

    The following traffic is not counted: Your own, bots, direct unit hits, blacklisted URLs, duplicated/hidden units, and un-natural views/clicks.

  • Why my unit outbids do not take the free slots?

    If you have free slots on your unit, and outbids exist, it means those bids do not meet the unit minimum or are out of funds (the respective user's balance is insufficient to cover the daily bid load).

  • What happens to my live bids if my account gets out of funds?

    From the moment your account gets out of funds, your live bids will keep adjusting to the available balance. In other words, the next time the remote ad units get activity, your bids on those units will become outbid, as result, some bids may return to live (because the bid load decreased).
    This outbid/inbid process will repeat until the account balance is smaller then the bid with lowest value, and all bids are outbid.
    The process will re-start when new funds are injected (either through add funds or won quotas)

  • Can I have 3rd party ads running on the same page, together with Comicad's?


  • I had a bid live for some hours, it got more than 10 views, but bid list doesn't show any expenses?

    Expenses are only displayed when they reach $0.01.
    The bid list expense counters update:
    - When a quota is paid (and total expense reaches $0.01)
    - When total expense reaches $0.01 before/after quota payment (and you have the "Show pending expenses" option activated).

Payments & Paypal
  • Why the dummy payment doesn't work?

    At Paypal, please click "Continue" button, not the cancel link.
    When you're redirected from Paypal, the payment will be skipped, and only the account details set.
    Important: Clicking the "Cancel & return to merchant" link will not supply your account details to Comicad.
    HINT: If, when you click the button at Comicad you end up on a blank page, clean the Paypal cookies stored on your browser.

  • Why is my payment rejected?

    There might exist a problem with your Paypal account or the used funding source (Paypal balance, credit card, bank...). Possible solutions:

    1. Retry later, it might be a temporary problem on Paypal side.

    2. Try with another funding source or contact Paypal support.

    3. Add funds to Paypal balance and use it as funding source.

    4. You can also use Comicad contact page to request an invoice.

  • What happens when my subscription expires?

    When that happens, your usergroup is reverted back to normal user.
    All sites and units beyond the new limits, are made unavailable for new bids/exch (existing bids/exch. are not affected).
    Units with a number of slots above the limit are reverted to the new limit as well. You can make the items available again by switching with others, or renewing the subscription.
    All the other premium settings are disabled.

  • How do I pay for a subscription plan & does it automatically renew?

    A subscription plan can be payed for via your current account balance. The amount of each plan is exact, so you can make sure to keep enough for your current bids (if you have any) while having enough to pay for the subscription. If you need more funds, you can ADD FUNDS (via Paypal) to your account beforehand.

    Yes, subscriptions can be set to automatically renew. Just set Auto-Renew to ON in the subscription card. Alternatively, you can set your plan to expire by turning the Auto-Renew OFF.

    You will receive a warning 48h before your subscription expires or renews.

  • If I extend a subscription way before it expires, I'm I wasting money?

    No, you are not wasting money. Extended subscriptions stack by adding more time to the current plan (if you so wish) and always extends starting from the existing expiration date. After successfully extending a plan, the appropriate amount for will be deducted from your current account balance.

  • What is a Premium Membership Subscription?

    A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP is a subscription plan that comes with a lot of great benefits to your user account. The benefits are listed as follows:

    1. Increased Ad Units per site (up to 5)
    2. Up to 5 Alternative URLs per site.
    3. Increased available slots per Ad Unit for some ad types
    4. Increased registered websites (up to 5)
    5. Control of published auto ads.
    6. Allow auto ads on paid units
    7. Increased add funds limits.
    8. Increased withdrawal limits.

  • How much does a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP cost?

    The cost of a Premium Membership depends on the duration (run time) of the plan you select. Here are the 4 subscription plans that you can choose from (and their cost):

    1. MONTHLY PLAN - $3.00 USD per month.
    2. 6 MONTHS PLAN - $16.50.00 USD per 6 months.
    3. YEARLY PLAN - $25.00 USD annually.
    4. LIFETIME PLAN - $115.00 USD one time payment.