Tue, 04-Oct-2022 07:19pm

Campaigns update

Campaigns are now out of beta. You will notice some QOL improvements.
The edition form BID LIMIT input has had a makeover. When editing your bid limit, the new “RE-SPREAD CAMPAIGN MODE” button offers you only 2 options to choose from. TO-WIN Raise Outbids & FIXED-MAX.

The TO-WIN option will raise outbids to the min. needed to win and make them live again up to the newly set bid limit value. This happens once per operation. Naturally, your campaign may get outbids. Simply re-spread your bid limit again to reclaim your outbids and win them back.
When re-spreading, the button issues warnings and confirmations for a better experience and time saving.

The FIXED-MAX option sets all campaign bids to the exact same (max. willing to pay) value, up to the new bid limit. All outbids will become live again, or beat others automatically, up to the new limit.

There have been more quality of life improvements as well, such as the creation form budget calculator.
Now it's also possible to re-spread the same bid limit.

Hints: Please note that campaigns will not spread outside of the initial generated list (when creating a campaign). Campaigns only spread to approved ad spaces that appear in the generated list. To maximize the spread of a campaign, choose all genres and ratings (only if desired). Or create multiple campaigns targeting specific areas of interest, that accomplish specific goals. Users can have up to 3 active campaigns at once.