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Thu, 27-Jun-2019 01:29pm

Welcome to COMICAD.NET

Hello comic creators and publishers! Hello! Welcome to, an ad network catered to advertising comics and all forms of art around the web! We accept all kinds of publishers that wish to advertise "Comics, Art & Games" ads on their websites (even from other niches). Our mission is to fill the hole that Project Wonderful left when it closed, while also being more user friendly and fun. Simply put--

COMICAD Network is for comic artists, by comic artists. was created by the authors/comic artists of Rankless the Comic and Magnifica. To learn more about COMICAD.NET check out the About section.

So stay awhile, and listen. We hope you enjoy your time with us!

Update notes:

1. FAQ section added.
2. New Billboard ad model added + mobile options for all ads
3. Rebid Button, New Bids, Exchange & Notification settings
4. Alternate URLs added
5. Stats Bar has been improved
6. Info Card
7. Ads now display on all Comic Fury alias urls
8. Start as Outbid option added

Wed, 08-Jul 02:38pm

Half Banner available for exchanges

Half Banner ad model is now available for exchange ad units.

Wed, 08-Jul 07:52am


The faq section is brand new, it contains the most frequently asked questions.
You can find links to the FAQ on the website footer and contact page.

Thu, 02-Jul 01:35pm

Update News

The system has been updated to Version 3.0!

What's new:

1. Live bids now get outbid on the remote view right after they get out of funds. This measure allows a more efficient management of the live time.
2. Solved the account's bid and exchange lists clone row issue, which occurred on quick discards. Also decreased Bid List number of columns on Desktop screens.
3. New feature: when you click a Raise or Rebid button, a checkup is performed to see if the form values are up-to-date.
4. Added "Outbid/Live" labels to Raise buttons.
5. Improved "Pending Live" button.

Sat, 27-Jun 06:58pm

Fix for mobile buttons

The following buttons had issues on mobile environment:
The search page auto buttons (both bid & exchange).
The bid list raise and extend buttons.
The exchange list extend button.
The buttons shall be working correctly now, we apologize for the inconvenience, if you find any issue, please do not hesitate to report it using contact page.


Ryan Chandler Rankless the Comic