Mon, 30-Mar-2020 04:49pm

Incoming Paypal Email Update


Effective April 1st 2020, Paypal emails are now automatically registered when a payment is made, and will no longer need to be manually set (or edited) when adding funds. However, if a change is needed it can be unlocked/reset to allow a new payment carrying a different email address. To unlock, a code is sent to the email itself.

Payments not matching previously registered Paypal email address and/or account id, will be aborted (payer's Paypal won't be charged). The Paypal account id can only be unlocked by request.

Publishers who only withdrawal funds, can supply their Paypal email through a dummy payment in the withdrawals section. (Dummy payments do not charge the paypal account, it only confirms the email address).

Thu, 13-Feb-2020 11:00am

Fixes and improvements

- A bug was fixed on bid and exchange lists, in certain situations the discard operation would result in the retrieval of clone rows.
- Also, javascript errors have been fixed on the same lists, in some situations, invalid data would be diverted to the inline popup box.
- DAV (Daily average views) number now updates every 5 hours instead of daily. The unit's initial 24h period remains hourly.

In the next hours a bigger update will be released, stay tuned.

Sat, 01-Feb-2020 08:56pm

Out of balance update

Bids are no longer cancelled when user account is running out of balance.
Now, such bids become outbid. If the account receives new funds (either by deposit or publisher quotas), the bid automatically returns to live (if still winner) on ad unit's next remote pageview.

Mon, 20-Jan-2020 08:44am

Update to bids and exchange status colors

Outbid -> Outbid
Cancelled -> Cancelled
Expired -> Expired

Thu, 16-Jan-2020 09:01am

Advertisers now have control of auto ads

It's now possible to toggle auto ads to OFF on my account ads page.
Your ads will stop displaying automatically on all available slots.
You can toggle it ON/OFF at any time.

Mon, 23-Dec-2019 09:32am

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Comicad Network wishes you happy holidays.
This year, it's been quite a journey, one year ago this site was just an idea, since then, it's been a daily non-stop effort, and next year the journey continues...

Sun, 22-Dec-2019 01:18pm

My Account update

It's now possible to sort each individual column on ads, bids and exchanges lists.
New search input for ads page.
Search input bug fixed.
Ads list is now descending by default.

Tue, 17-Dec-2019 12:35pm

Account Landing page statistics

Again a new update for account landing statistics.
Now is possible to get two lines on the charts by using the toggle links below the charts, a blue one is the statistics from targeted ads (bids/exchanges), the green one is from auto ads (ads that automatically display on free slots across the network).
Default mode is the sum of both (a single blue line).

Fri, 13-Dec-2019 04:30pm


Smackjeeves no longer offers custom templates, thus it's not possible to place custom ads there anymore.
The users that have smackjeeves publisher sites will have to update the main url to an alternative location in order to continue serving ads.
The advertisers with ads pointing to smackjeeves may have more luck because the redirects from the old addresses seem to be working, so no action is required.

Sat, 23-Nov-2019 10:03am

Account Landing page statistics

Auto ads are now included in 4 of the 6 quick statistic charts of account landing page.
Charts now reflecting auto ads are "impressions", "views", "clicks" and "CTR".
Those charts now display the sum of targeted and auto ads.

Thu, 17-Oct-2019 06:55pm

Alternate Urls: one month later...

Unfortunately alternate urls permission wasn't set for regular users (despite we have announced it one month ago).
They are now available for all users.
We're really sorry for the inconvenience.

Tue, 17-Sep-2019 01:05pm


A new option has been added to the sites section called Alternate URL(s). Once your main website has been approved, you can edit it and now see a tab called "alternative urls."

Alternate urls allow your site's unit codes to run on other urls referent to the same comic/product/service.
Please note that sites like Tapastic and WebToon do not allow users to host ads on their pages...yet! ;)
You may submit several urls at once for approval.

Once approved, your ad units will run on your main-site(dot)com and your alt-site(dot)com. Be sure to add your ad unit codes to your alt site's html too.

You can have up to 2 alt urls for each main website you add in the sites section. We hope you enjoy this new option.

Tue, 10-Sep-2019 12:44pm

Comic profiles information bar has been improved

Now with a more straightforward approach, the information bar includes the content that was hidden before, such as the last 7 days chart and the current month statistics.
Available on the site and ad unit profile pages.

Mon, 26-Aug-2019 03:06pm