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Thu, 27-Jun-2019 01:29pm

Welcome to COMICAD.NET

Hello comic creators and publishers! Welcome to, an ad network catered to advertising comics around the web! Our mission is to fill the hole that Project Wonderful left when it closed, while also being more user friendly and fun. Simply put--

COMICAD Network is for comic artists, by comic artists. was created by the authors/comic artists of Rankless the Comic and Magnifica. To learn more about COMICAD.NET check out the About section.

So stay awhile, and listen. We hope you enjoy your time with us!

Update notes:
1. Rebid Button, New Bids, Exchange & Notification settings
2. Alternate URLs added
3. Stats Bar has been improved
4. Info Card
5. Ads now display on all Comic Fury alias urls
6. Start as Outbid option added

Mon, 30-Mar 04:49pm

Incoming Paypal Email Update


Effective April 1st 2020, Paypal emails are now automatically registered when a payment is made, and will no longer need to be manually set (or edited) when adding funds. However, if a change is needed it can be unlocked/reset to allow a new payment carrying a different email address. To unlock, a code is sent to the email itself.

Payments not matching previously registered Paypal email address and/or account id, will be aborted (payer's Paypal won't be charged). The Paypal account id can only be unlocked by request.

Publishers who only withdrawal funds, can supply their Paypal email through a dummy payment in the withdrawals section. (Dummy payments do not charge the paypal account, it only confirms the email address).

Fri, 14-Feb 07:37pm

UPDATES to Bids & Exchange sections! (REBID button and more!)

Thu, 13-Feb 11:00am

Fixes and improvements

- A bug was fixed on bid and exchange lists, in certain situations the discard operation would result in the retrieval of clone rows.
- Also, javascript errors have been fixed on the same lists, in some situations, invalid data would be diverted to the inline popup box.
- DAV (Daily average views) number now updates every 5 hours instead of daily. The unit's initial 24h period remains hourly.

In the next hours a bigger update will be released, stay tuned.

Sat, 01-Feb 08:56pm

Out of balance update

Bids are no longer cancelled when user account is running out of balance.
Now, such bids become outbid. If the account receives new funds (either by deposit or publisher quotas), the bid automatically returns to live (if still winner) on ad unit's next remote pageview.


Ryan Chandler Rankless the Comic