XII: Of Magic and Muses

A webcomic about magical girls making mistakes and muddling in mysteries in that magical horror light show. Updates at a regular 6x a week with a sche..

Puppet Nightmares

Collect creatures, customize sloots and complete a dark story about abuse and victimization. NOTE TO ADVERTISERS: The half banner ad is immediately d..

Obsidian Trilogy

Illustrated fantasy webnovel that starts with a mortal young man's becoming an apprentice of the creators of his world.


Amarantha Steppenhaus has big dreams of following in her famous battlemage mother's footsteps, and when she's accepted into the prestigious College of..

Jack Beloved
Jack Beloved

Monsters ravage the land with curseweed, giving Sam the chance he needs to win the right to marry his sweetheart. But when he forms a friendship with ..

Latest News Comicad Network on Youtube
Thu, 27-Jun-2019 01:29pm

Welcome to COMICAD.NET

Hello comic creators and publishers! Hello! Welcome to comicad.net, an ad network catered to advertising comics and all forms of art around the web! We accept all kinds of publishers that wish to advertise "Comics, Art & Games" ads on their websites (even from other niches). Our mission is to fill the hole that Project Wonderful left when it closed, while also being more user friendly and fun.

Comicad.net was created by the authors/comic artists of Rankless the Comic and Magnifica. To learn more about COMICAD.NET check out the About section.

So stay awhile, and listen. We hope you enjoy your time with us!

Update notes:

1. Campaigns.
2. Staff Picks.
3. Unique Daily Views (UDAV).
4. Flex bid system update.
5. FAQ section added.
6. New Billboard ad model added + mobile options for all ads.
7. Rebid Button, New Bids, Exchange & Notification settings.
8. Alternate URLs added.
9. Stats Bar has been improved.
10. Comicad.net Info Card.
11. Ads now display on all Comic Fury alias urls.
12. Start as Outbid option added.

Mon, 26-Sep 03:19pm

Achievements Update! Diamond Badges can now be earned on Comicad Network!

Badges have been distributed into 12 categories. Each category has 4 special badges for the highest achievements: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Diamond badges are an elite level achievement which are very difficult to earn. Can you get them all?

The special badge breakdown is displayed on the right corner of the badge list heading, on public user profiles and account landing page.

In order to occupy less space on the user profiles, the badge list have been compacted, the full information is available on hover or on click (mobile).

Thu, 15-Sep 08:41am

Balance/payload headers are now default on all pages

These headers contain information about your account balance and payloads, they are present on various pages and listings. Some of these pages displayed payloads related to standalone or campaign bidding.
To avoid confusion and keep the reference uniform, totals are now displayed by default on all pages.
The breakdown of each part is displayed in an alert box on hover.

Tue, 30-Aug 02:45pm

Feature an alternate url as your main url

Featured URLS swap roles with the site's main URL (the main is displayed as an alternate, and the alternate as main). Featuring allows URL swapping without actually changing the URL assignments.

You can set an Alt Url as your Main Url by using the "Feature as main URL" buttons present on the alternate URLs page of each site in your account site list. When enabled, you'll see the ALT URL as your MAIN URL across Comicad Network. Only 1 alt and main url can be swapped at a time per registered site.

Sat, 20-Aug 02:44pm

Comicad Network Campaigns are here!

Introducing CAMPAIGNS! Campaigns are a great way to automatically place a wide range of bids on Comicad. In other words, Campaigns make bidding easier! Target specific genres & ratings, pick a budget (among other settings), and generate a list of ad spaces that suits your style. You can create a new campaign by visiting the "Campaigns" section found in your user account menu. To learn more about Campaigns, please read the FAQs.



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