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Thu, 27-Jun-2019 01:29pm

Welcome to COMICAD.NET

Hello comic creators and publishers! Welcome to, an ad network catered to advertising comics around the web! Our mission is to fill the hole that Project Wonderful left when it closed, while also being more user friendly and fun. Simply put--

COMICAD Network is for comic artists, by comic artists. was created by the authors/comic artists of Rankless the Comic and Magnifica. To learn more about COMICAD.NET check out the About section.

So stay awhile, and listen. We hope you enjoy your time with us!

Update notes:
1. Alternate URLs added
2. Stats Bar has been improved
3. Info Card
4. Ads now display on all Comic Fury alias urls
5. Start as Outbid option added

Mon, 20-Jan 08:44am

Update to bids and exchange status colors

Outbid -> Outbid
Cancelled -> Cancelled
Expired -> Expired

Thu, 16-Jan 09:01am

Advertisers now have control of auto ads

It's now possible to toggle auto ads to OFF on my account ads page.
Your ads will stop displaying automatically on all available slots.
You can toggle it ON/OFF at any time.

Mon, 23-Dec-2019 09:32am

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Comicad Network wishes you happy holidays.
This year, it's been quite a journey, one year ago this site was just an idea, since then, it's been a daily non-stop effort, and next year the journey continues...

Sun, 22-Dec-2019 01:18pm

My Account update

It's now possible to sort each individual column on ads, bids and exchanges lists.
New search input for ads page.
Search input bug fixed.
Ads list is now descending by default.


Ryan Chandler Rankless the Comic